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February 1, 2016

When happiness happens

Swerve Cover - january 15 16

#happyyc was featured in the January 15, 2016 edition of Swerve, the Calgary Herald’s local lifestyle magazine. Read more on Swerve.

December 15, 2015

Meet Chad Peters

Chad Peters started with Intelligent Futures in May as a summer intern. The problem? He was too good and was finished school, so we had to (gladly) keep him around. We asked Chad to share a bit about himself and to answer a few questions about his involvement with Intelligent Futures (IF).


Traffic Volume in Calgary snapshot

It seems like everyone is talking about transportation in Calgary. This complicated issue is about more than how people and goods get around because many people personally identify with their preferred method of transportation and feel protective about it. The debate between driving versus walking versus biking versus taking transit separates people into ‘us’ versus ‘them’ camps. This conversation is further complicated by the fact that most of us use more than one form of transportation even if we identify with our dominant one.