Bow to Bluff


Bow to Bluff Initiative

2013 Canadian Institute of Planners Award of Excellence for New and Emerging Planning Initiatives.


Intelligent Futures partnered with O2 Planning + Design on this citizen-initiated project funded by the City of Calgary Council Innovation Fund. Intelligent Futures designed the engagement process for this innovative, citizen-centred local placemaking project focused on a corridor adjacent to a Light Rail Transit line. Thanks to multiple innovative techniques – including an engagement storefront, community Sounding Boards and design workshops, over 2,500 citizens were engaged in just 7 weeks.

The Bow to Bluff Design Framework was completed in February 2012 by O2 Planning + Design. The Citizens Advisory Group created the Bow to Bluff Process Guide to assist other communities in developing their own approach.

engagement, urbanism

  • Bow to Bluff design session
  • Bow to Bluff sounding board