Edmonton City Museum


Edmonton Heritage Council

2016 Alberta Professional Planners Institute Award of Merit for Special Study.


The Edmonton City Museum Project embodies Larry Beasley’s message from the 2012 International Council of Museums Conference that sees ‘The City as Museum and the Museum as City’. Intelligent Futures partnered with cultural sustainability specialists WorldViews Consulting to develop the strategy for the Edmonton Heritage Council. The resulting strategic direction will create an Edmonton city museum that looks outward to join civic life and integrate with the fabric of the city. Intelligent Futures collaborated with culture and sustainability specialists WorldViews Consulting to create a strategy

This project began with a thorough review of the museum world to discover how progressive museums are beginning to orient outwards toward the community. An analysis of current trends in Edmonton, complemented this best practice work to understand how a museum can facilitate conversations with the community about the issues most relevant to them and their community. A detailed workshop and walking tour with stakeholders representing groups from the social, cultural, environmental, built environment and economic areas of Edmonton together with museum stakeholders helped to refine the vision and provide ideas for innovation.

The strategy proposed a field test model held within a learning organization to create a museum that is flexible and able to adapt to an ever-changing culture. All future decisions from programming to capital spending are anchored a thorough evaluation of a program of diverse experiments to ensure the museum reflects and responds to Edmonton as a whole and all the sub communities held within.

The Edmonton Heritage Council, who was our client for this project, is currently undergoing a series of experiments and to ensure all decision are anchored in the results of the field testing process.

design, strategy, urbanism

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