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John Lewis is a trainer for LEAD (Leadership in Environment and Development). With 13 national and regional programs spanning the globe, LEAD is an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing leadership training to create a more sustainable world. John has been a trainer for LEAD at their International Sessions in Beijing and Port Elizabeth, South Africa has also led the Canadian national training in Calgary and Regina.

In 2012, John was part of a LEAD sustainability learning capacity building event at the United Nations Rio+20 conference. Putting People First: Building Sustainable Cities with Communities was voted the best training course in the Rio+20 Sustainability Learning programme amongst dozens of entries from around the world. The programme compared approaches in Canada, Brazil and South Africa in bringing innovative approaches to working with diverse communities. Following this session, John participated in a local capacity building workshop in a local favela community. Collaboration with incredible folks like LEAD Fellow Leonardo Martins Dias and Trainer Edward Kellow provides great insights and inspiration for our work at Intelligent Futures.

engagement, strategy, sustainability