Okotoks Community Sustainability Plan


Town of Okotoks


In 2015, Intelligent Futures was commissioned by the Town of Okotoks to develop their Community Sustainability Plan; a document that will guide future municipal policy and decision-making through a rigorous framework for action across economic, environmental, social, and cultural sectors in Okotoks. The Community Sustainability Plan is supported by 2014 Town-led community visioning process that engaged hundreds of citizens over a span of four months to create a new vision and set of guiding principles that are now used across multiple municipal initiatives.

Intelligent Futures undertook a comprehensive approach to the creation of the Community Sustainability Plan. The team brought together its extensive capabilities and experience in public engagement, policy development, urban and regional planning, and information design to develop a new approach towards municipal sustainability and organizational resiliency planning.

The Community Sustainability Plan is a document built upon an adaptive framework for action that sees a series of critical steps build on themselves in an incremental process; as progress is made in each step, they are evaluated using a series of indicators and replaced as success in these individual fields is achieved. This incremental approach to sustainability planning allows the Town of Okotoks to work towards the realization of their long-term community vision by breaking down challenges into actionable elements.

engagement, strategy, sustainability