Olympic Plaza Cultural District


City of Calgary


In early 2016, Calgary City Council approved the Civic District Public Realm Strategy. The document identified Olympic Plaza and its surrounding spaces as an important part of the city and prioritized it for a major review of its design and function. Following these recommendations, The City of Calgary Administration and the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation initiated an engagement and design process that will produce a new vision for the Olympic Plaza Cultural District (OPCD).

In spring 2016, Intelligent Futures was tasked with designing and delivering an intensive six-week public engagement campaign to gain insight into what is treasured about Olympic Plaza and what could make it more successful in the future. Close to 2,300 Calgarians participated.

The Olympic Plaza Cultural District Engagement & Design Report is the product of this engagement process. The report reintroduces the Olympic Plaza Cultural District concept – first noted in the Civic District Public Realm Strategy – and highlights the feedback and subsequent themes received from the public during the engagement process. These thematic areas, in turn, have been used to create eight complementary and thought-provoking challenge questions that will be used to guide the work of future designers. The challenge questions will prompt the designers to consider how urban design and landscape architecture interventions can be used to minimize identified shortcomings and maximize positive outcomes in the Olympic Plaza Cultural District.

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