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ourWyldewood was a comprehensive engagement process that invited residents of Acadia, a neighbourhood in southeast Calgary, to participate in the public space planning for the redevelopment of Wyldewood Estates. The existing site is home to a 330 unit apartment complex owned and managed by Morguard. Built in the 1960s, the apartments have reached the end of their practical lifecycle and require extensive upgrading. Morguard, working with local firms Intelligent Futures, Brown and Associates Planning, and Gibbs-Gage Architecture, are planning to create a revitalized, sustainable residential community that will provide new amenities while creating convenient connections within neighbourhoods.

The ourWyldewood process was developed to provide residents of the complex and the community ta voice in the redevelopment process. The Intelligent Futures team facilitated three engagement channels: online, phone, and face-to-face, and provided extensive communications support through the process. The latter was hosted within Wyldewood Estates, allowing residents and community members to learn more and participate in a comfortable and nearby space.

The engagement process ran for three weeks in fall 2015 and gathered nearly 200 public space improvement ideas from 80 participants.

design, engagement, urbanism

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