Student Engagement Initiative


Career and Technology Centre / Lord Shaughnessy High School


Through the 2015 winter semester, Intelligent Futures volunteered their time to help students in the Career and Technology Centre / Lord Shaughnessy High School’s Energy and Environmental Innovation Class develop a plan for their school grounds. In a vacant green space adjacent to the school, the students planned to create a community garden and to collaborate with both the local community association and members of the public to sustain the project. With these goals in mind, the Intelligent Futures team helped students to develop an understanding of the planning profession and broader environmental design trends, and to build the confidence, skills, and knowledge necessary to conduct public engagement processes.

The team drew on several different teaching methods, each based on close collaboration with the students; these included a multidisciplinary presentation on urbanism and design at Blank Page Studio, an inner-city walking tour in Calgary’s Hillhurst-Sunnyside neighbourhood, in-class advising sessions, take-home design workshops, and more. These lessons culminated in a community design workshop, planned and delivered by the students for their peers, neighbours, and local community members. The feedback and contacts gained from this event are now being used to develop public space plans for the school grounds.

engagement, sustainability

  • Lord Shaughnessy School