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We want to build a more intelligent future

We believe that a more creative and collaborative approach is needed to build a better tomorrow – it informs everything we do at Intelligent Futures. We love working in the spaces between professions and coming up with outstanding results for the clients and communities we work in. Our work thrives in the intersection of these areas of practice.


Good design is critical to effective communications and gaining buy-in. That’s why design thinking and principles of good design are integrated into everything we do.


Tapping into the wisdom of the crowd leads to better results. We design all our engagement activities to connect with this wisdom.


Strategic thinking is about understanding the most important things that need to happen. That’s why we take a strategy-first approach to all our work.


Sustainability brings the future into the present. We need to understand how our decisions today can actually improve life tomorrow.


Over half of us now live in cities and nearly three-quarters of us will by 2050. Finding solutions for how we can all live together is essential .

“Our core purpose is to find better ways of living together
through insight, innovation and empowerment.”

John Lewis, President & Founder

Our Approach

Our unique processes allow us to help clients and communities build a more intelligent future.
We also try to have some fun along the way.

The Intelligent Conversation

Community engagement processes should create better results for everyone involved. We creatively tap into the collective wisdom of the community, building relationships and improving their reputation of our clients along the way.

The Sustainability Roadmap

Community sustainability should make complexity simple. We use our global understanding of sustainability to create locally focused solutions, creating community ownership of the future.

The Reality Check

Information should inspire. Our approach makes progress reporting interesting and relatable, empowering people and enabling informed action.

The Curated Experience

Media should be designed intentionally to emphasize accessibility, clarity and interest for the users.  The Client can then tell their story through a considered, curated and clean presentation. 


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We work with communities and organizations that are interested in building a more intelligent future.
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Our Team

John Lewis

John Lewis

President & Founder View Details
Rachelle Dillon

Rachelle Dillon

Project Manager View Details
Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

Communications Lead View Details
Jeff Robson

Jeff Robson

Design Lead View Details
Cassandra Caiger

Cassandra Caiger

Engagement & Sustainability Coordinator View Details
John Lewis

John Lewis

President & Founder

John brings together elements of community engagement, strategic planning, effective communication and capacity-building to create meaningful conversations for communities and organizations. Projects that John has worked on have won awards from the Canadian Institute of Planners, the International Association for Public Participation, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Canadian Urban Institute and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. John is a Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners, is President of LEAD Canada (Leadership in Environment and Development) and is a member of LEAD International training team and has also been an instructor at the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta and Simon Fraser University.

John is Intelligent Futures’ Chief Strategist and Ringleader.

Rachelle Dillon

Rachelle Dillon

Project Manager

Rachelle’s planning experience stretches from Canada to Australia in projects that cover many areas such as land development, urban design, heritage planning, environmental planning and long term strategic planning.

Rachelle has a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and Psychology from The University of Calgary. In addition, she is certified with the International Association of Public Participation. She is currently working on certificates in Graphic Design from the Alberta College of Art and Design and in Real Estate Development from the University of Calgary.

Rachelle is Intelligent Futures’ Herder of Cats.

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

Communications Lead

Jackie has spent more than 20 years working as a communications specialist and writer. Her work has appeared in magazines, publications, books, websites and promotional materials across the country, and she has worked extensively as a communications strategist. Projects Jackie has worked on have won awards from Canadian Institute of Planners, the International Association for Public Participation, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, the International Association of Business Communicators and the National Health Care Public Relations Association.

Jackie is Intelligent Futures’ Word Nerd.

Jeff Robson

Jeff Robson

Design Lead

Jeff’s interests are as diverse and intriguing as his work experience, which includes time as a land use planner in Strathcona County, Alberta, focusing on environmental design projects, and work as a graphic designer and research coordinator in Montréal, Québec.

Jeff has a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from McGill University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Geography from The University of Calgary, and urban design training from Simon Fraser University. He enjoys taking complex urban design and community development issues and communicating them clearly and succinctly with images.

Jeff is Intelligent Futures’ Resident Picasso.

Cassandra Caiger

Cassandra Caiger

Engagement & Sustainability Coordinator

A graduate of Queen’s University, Cassandra has a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning. While at Queen’s she worked on a number of community-based planning projects locally and internationally, as well as developed strategies the Greater Toronto Area’s Metrolinx rail-system.

She has also spent time in Central Europe researching and exploring the local legislation and lifestyles that impact housing development and alternative transportation. Cassandra has an avid interest in public engagement and planning issues — namely affordable housing and food security — and enjoys collaborating with stakeholders to work towards the greater good.

Cassandra is Intelligent Futures’ Research Guru and Community Enthusiast.

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