• Intelligent Futures is a team of planners, designers,
    and urbanists in Calgary, Canada.

Together, we can build a more intelligent future.

We believe that a more creative and collaborative approach is needed to build a better tomorrow. It informs everything we do. We love working in the space between professions and coming up with outstanding results for the clients and communities we work in.


Good design is critical to effective communications and gaining buy-in. That’s why design thinking and principles of good design are integrated into everything we do.


Strategic thinking is about understanding the most important things that need to happen. That’s why we take a strategy-first approach to all our work.


Sustainability brings the future into the present. We need to understand how our decisions today can actually improve life tomorrow.


Tapping into the wisdom of the crowd leads to better results. We design all our engagement activities to connect with this wisdom.


Over half of us now live in cities and nearly three-quarters of us will by 2050. Finding solutions for how we can all live together is essential.

Our work thrives where these points converge.

Our Team

Meet the folks who make Intelligent Futures what it is.
John Lewis
President & Founder
Jackie Brown
Communications Lead
Cassandra Caiger
Engagement Lead
Jeff Robson
Design Lead
Chad Peters
Planner / Designer

engagement ideas shared since 2014.


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indicators developed since 2014.


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News & Views

What’s going on.
Third Blank Page Plaza Intervention: Mapping Kensington
August 7, 2017

How can a sheet of plywood, black acrylic markers, and a stack of colourful stickers help us understand what makes a…

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Fun & Games at Blank Page Plaza
July 13, 2017

How often do you have fun while walking down the street? We hope it happens frequently, which is why the second…

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Meet Patrick and Jean: IF’s Summer Interns
June 21, 2017

We are lucky to have two great interns with us for the summer – Patrick Aouad and Jean Roe. In one…

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You can find us at:

1221 B Kensington Road Northwest
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  T2N 3P8